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Next year’s schedules disseminated early to students

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In an effort to introduce students to their courses for next year , administration and counseling staff provided ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders with tentative schedules for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

They wanted to release tentative schedules so that students can focus on fixing errors on their schedule such as a missing class or a course they already took and if they received the proper course that they requested.

“There are options now where students are able to look at their schedule and see if they have the right classes,” said counselor Mahina Mullaney

Along with the tentative schedules, counselors are also promoting a new option for students who want to change a course next year: A course request form.

Students are now able to request a course change via a Google Form on the morse website.

“The Google Form provides an easier way for students to be able to request their classes,” said Mullaney

The counselors say that course requests made on the form will be taken into account; however, based on numbers and the master schedule, there are no guarantees that it will happen.

“Just because they may want to switch a class, it does not mean that their request will be fulfilled,” stated counselor Warren Wegener

Also, since many students may experience issues on how to change a course, Mullaney created a video on how to make a course request form as well, which is now on the morse website.

“The video on how to do the request form is a fantastic idea. I really enjoyed it a lot,” claimed Wegener

All in all, both sides hope that students are able to gain a better understanding of their schedule for next year and be able to make changes so their schedule fits them.

“We hope that this is able to provide students with easy and accessible ways to choose their classes,” said Mullaney

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