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Deadpool does not disappoint with his new sequel

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A 21st Century Fox Production, Deadpool 2, brings back the beloved Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) to theaters. With a bigger cast, world, and budget, the movie manages to keep a similar vibe to the first film. Deadpool 2 follows Deadpool, or Wade Wilson, on how he has adjusted to life post the first movie’s events. When he crosses paths with a kid named Russell Collins (Julian Dennison), he does everything possible to ensure Cable (Josh Brolin), a time-traveler, does not kill the boy to prevent future events.

If viewers believed the first movie had a hard R (Restricted) rating, then they can be prepared for even more raunchy jokes and gags. This dirty humor is a hallmark of the character Deadpool. The screenwriters do a great job of capturing the essence of the antihero, from childish jokes to clever pop culture references. Although for many films the R rating could be a boxoffice clutch, for Deadpool 2 is services as an advantage. Audiences are drawn to the movies ability to tell dark disturbing jokes without any consequences.

However, for many of the pop culture references made in Deadpool 2, those jokes can ultimately date the movie. Unlike the first movie, the sequel relies more on modern date callbacks to the DC Comics movies and recent events for the punchlines. Although it is humorous to audiences now, in a few years these jokes will not land as well as they used too.

Deadpool 2 includes a larger cast than the first movie. From introducing the X-force, a team of mutant from the Marvel Comics, to hilarious cameos from some famous faces. The standout of the newest members was Domino (Zazie Beetz). Her powers of being naturally lucky as well as her growing friendship with Deadpool and his gang of friends from the first film is captivating to see on screen . The sequel really pulled in serious star power by teaming up with Celine Dion to sing the original song, made just for the movie, called Ashes. In addition, other cameos include, even if it is just for a few seconds, the younger cast of the main X-Men franchise. This relates back to a joke made in Deadpool how there were no other x-men in the mansion.

Although every plot point to the movie is interesting, the pacing does nothing allow for the viewers to enjoy each set piece. For instance, Deadpool becomes a x-men in “training” for around five minutes, then immediately goes to prison. This quick change in scenery can frustrate those who want to see a more developed story within the movie’s plot. However, the overarching storyline of the two movies is very fluid and we get to better understand the characters motives. Plus, some jokes made in the first one are brought back in the second film.

Deadpool 2 might hit have the same charm of the first film, but it takes what worker with a smaller budget and expands. It is a solid sequel for the Deadpool canon and provides a launching point for newer movies about the X-Force.

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