GSA Advisory– Why It’s A Meaningful Step Forward

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     Student rights are not optional.

     The tagline produced by the Gay-Straight Alliance advisory meeting seems to say it all.

     The first inaugural advisory meeting proved to be a successful convergence of several local GSA groups, hailing from Morse High, San Diego High, and Clark Middle, with a centralized focus on support. Themes of the meeting included supporting LGBT students, supporting LGBT staff, and supporting the effort of GSA’s to filter said support through.

     This is the reported first step of many of the district itself making an effort to actually reach out and support the vast communities of LGBT individuals living within its jurisdiction– which, in and of itself, is a huge stride towards change.

     “It’s weird,” remarked an attending member of Morse’s GSA. “As a gay kid, you’re just not used to institutionalized support. We’ve all become so comfortable with fighting our own battles and forcing progress. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out now that we have such a powerful source of support backing us.”

     The meeting also took a stab at intersectionality; pamphlets distributed included comparison statistics of suicide rates from those of LGBT kids to straight kids, to black and brown kids, and everything in between– these advisory meetings serve as a point of bringing awareness to these statistics, as well as a brainstorming session for preventative strategies.

     With more advisory meetings planned for the future, one can only hope good things are produced by the coupling of institution and what has, historically, been viewed as a grassroots marginalized movement.