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Bond with ‘Venom’

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Bond with ‘Venom’

Venom speaks with Eddie Brock face to face

Venom speaks with Eddie Brock face to face

Venom speaks with Eddie Brock face to face

Venom speaks with Eddie Brock face to face

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Venom is a thriller/sci-fi spin off comic book movie produced by Sony, and is based on the Marvel Comics character with the same name.

    Venom follows professional journalist, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), on a mission to exploit the sinister Life Foundation and its CEO, Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), whose motivations are to get humans into space by utilizing human test subjects to bond with deadly alien life forms they call “symbiotes,” against their own will.

    After his attempt to uncover the Life Foundation’s evil plans leads to Brock losing his job and fiance Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), he infiltrates the Life Foundation to investigate their secret labs where he unintentionally bonds with a symbiote known as “Venom.” Together Brock and Venom must learn to act as one and battle Life’s mercenaries and Drake who has also bonded with a symbiote called “Riot,” to put a stop to Life’s iniquitous plans.

    Hardy is well known for his phenomenal acting, evidenced from one of his roles as Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises,” which aids his performance as Eddie Brock/Venom, balancing Brock’s nice guy demeanor as well as Venom’s dark humor and lust for blood and mayhem.

    The film overall is entertaining and engaging, perfectly balancing the right amount of dark humor, plot build up, and fight scenes. The CGI used for the symbiotes looks realistic and it really doesn’t take one out of the film while watching it.

    The writing however, could’ve been more polished. The final act of the movie feels a little rushed, but the action within it makes up for it. There’s really only one strong character arc in the movie and that is Brock’s, primarily because he’s the main character and his forced ally fuels his determination to put an end to the Life Foundation and the people within it. In addition, his struggle with getting along with the symbiote is a unique take to the superhero genre, and Hardy’s performance in the film can be considered as the saving grace for the nit-picky members of the audience.

    Ruben Fleischer has directed popular titles such as “Zombieland,” and “Gangster Squad,” and upholds his reputation for the most part with Venom. In example, in some scenes where Venom bites an enemy or grabs something violently the camera matches with his movement.

    Overall, Venom is an exciting film to watch, entertaining as a whole despite its very minor flaws, and it marks the beginning of Sony’s Marvel Universe. Sony really made up for the fact that the movie was changed from R to PG-13 last minute by pushing the violence to the hilt. Hardy’s performance as Brock/Venom definitely tops Topher Grace’s performance as the same character from Sam Raimi’s god-awful “Spider-Man 3.” Fans of the character can look forward to seeing the uncanny duo of Brock and Venom teaming up once again in Sony’s next untitled Venom sequel in the planned trilogy.




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