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YPAR Helps GSA Create a Better Community for All

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     Actions speak louder than words.

    When students make the choices, the impact of their actions inspires their peers to improve their community.  

    The Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) will begin working on their Youth-led Participatory Action Research (YPAR) project at Morse through training provided by college students affiliated with the YPAR program throughout the 2018-2019 year, since they believe it will positively change the school’s environment.

    Carlie Nemecek, GSA advisor and physics teacher, believes this project will give students the opportunity to build a safe environment on campus.

    GSA plans on focusing their project on mental health or on issues pertaining to the LGBTQIA+ community.

    “I want GSA members to know that this is reassurance that their words and actions matter and inevitably change the surroundings of theirs and others for the better,” informed Savion Cooper, GSA co-president and senior. “Campus wise, I’d like there to be a moment of realization that there are ways to fix the problems on campus; we complain and complain, but never set out to find a solution to it.”

    No funding was necessary due to being a voluntary project and the people working at YPAR being willing to give the alliance resources for free.

    GSA met with a representative of YPAR to share the research needed to create their project, as well as the program’s past projects. They also discussed the differences between the two types of research required: qualitative (using opinions to find patterns in students’ experiences and thoughts) and quantitative (using numbers and other types of data to find trends within a community.)

     “This is an amazing opportunity for the club and the whole school in the challenge to leave Morse better than before,” Cooper asserted.

    The club is aware that they will go through obstacles, such as struggling to find students for input and being taken lightly. However, the club remains optimistic, for they believe their intentions will encourage other students to get involved.

    “I’m very curious about the outcomes of our project,” expressed Cathy Cruz, senior and member of GSA. “I look forward to the journey.

    Through the future efforts of GSA, the YPAR project will create an everlasting effect on Morse, giving younger students motivation to add on to this positive change.

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