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ROTC Cadet Picnic

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     Morse students in ROTC won many competitions at this years cadet picnic including first place overall at Admiral Baker Park on Oct. 6.

     Students were expected to compete in competitions against ROTC students from other schools. This was an opportunity for students to collaborate and participate in activities such as sack races, tug of war and other activities that engage in competition.

     Morse’s ROTC is proud of their students for all the wins they accomplished which were seven wins in total. Morse won second place in the tank tube and in the relay race. Morse won first place in the sack relay, egg balance, hot shot, tug of war, and first place overall! Students got awards for the following accomplishments and represented Morse with pride.

     Students in ROTC are often looked as students who engage in hardcore training but events like this one shows the other side of what the program does in ROTC.

     “We are seen as just straight up military and strict students, but it is not how we are and that we participate in fun events like such as cadet picnic that helps develop motivation as a citizen and provides experiences that no other regular student can participate in,” said senior Tert Soriano.

     All of the students who engaged in these activities all enjoyed the cadet picnic because it gave them the chance to meet other people from the district and to bond with their peers.

     “Cadet picnic was a really fun experience for all cadets in the district to come together and bond with each other and compete with other schools,” said junior Karlyn Fulgencio. “With the winning scores, it really helped us to try harder.”

     With winning first place overall, this gave students in ROTC more confidence and more motivation to keep up the hard work.  It also gave them the satisfaction of winning the other schools in the competitions.

     “As a first year I enjoyed seeing Morse assert their dominance to the other schools,” said freshman Eddy Samonte.

     From these students experiences at the cadet picnic, it was an awesome experience for ROTC students to work together and meet new people.  It also was a great opportunity for all the schools to become involved with other programs. 

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