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MESA’s USC College Day

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     Aiming to help students discover their educational opportunities, Morse’s Mathematical, Engineering,Science Achievement (MESA) club will visit the University of Southern California to explore the campus and learn about preparing for college, on Oct. 20.

     The USC College Day entails a campus tour that will allow MESA members to explore a campus they may have never considered as an option. Additionally, the student’s exposure to a college campus will help students decide what kind of campus they may prefer. Factors that are useful to know when applying to a college include: college size and population size.

    “It’s a simple way for students to explore possible pathways early. Plus, it’s fun! Who doesn’t want to visit a college campus?” said Emmuelle Ejanda, MESA club president.

    Additionally, the USC College Day includes workshops and discussion sessions with notable Speakers.

    According to Ejanda, “College students and experts discuss the college application process in one room and the SAT preparation process in another.”

    MESA students are given the opportunity to engage in college workshops and career discussions with college representatives. This will allow them to obtain advice on what they should do to ensure their success in getting into a good college and having a successful college life.

    Industry exhibits and hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities are also included to help students discover what certain fields they may have interest in.

      “Giving students the chance to attend such an event will potentially open doors to new futures and paths that they may not have thought of before,” noted Holly Phan, MESA club treasurer.

    This event takes place annually due to Morse’s MESA partnership with SDSU (San Diego State University). SDSU, one of Morse’s MESA centers, often coordinate and sponsor college and STEM-based events allowing Morse students to get on with the action.

    “It’s an easy way to expose Morse to college and higher education, just broadening views essentially,” mentioned Ejanda.

    This event was originally scheduled on Oct. 27, but was moved to Oct. 20.

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