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Seniors Get Stamping

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     Seniors should have received a stamp sheet with 11 events listed during their advisory periods and now must attend at least seven of the 11 events, like the College Fair, as well as get it signed by a counselor by May 23, 2019.

     If the seniors have any questions regarding their stamps, they should talk to their counselor before it is too late.

     “Senior stamps helps you do what you need to be successful as an adult.” said counselor Warren Wegener.

     Four opportunities have already passed for seniors to get some of their stamps completed. The College Fair held at the Scottish Rite Center on Wednesday of Oct. 24, 2018, was one event where seniors could have received a stamp.

     The fair offered a variety of colleges across the nation to come and give some general information about what they have to offer or answer any questions students have to ask. There were different workshops going on from 6:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. where speakers talked about topics, such as financial aid, to help guide those going into college.

     “I liked the college fair the seniors had to attend,” said senior Odyssey Bustos. “It gave me a chance to look at what colleges I could look at or have an idea where to sign up to.”

     According to one counselor, there has not yet been a student to not complete their stamps.

     “Best advice is do not stress over your senior stamps,” Wegener said. “Senior stamps are easy to complete. The stamps ensure that seniors are prepared for whatever post secondary education they pursue.”

     At each event you attend, make sure to find a counselor to sign your sheet or you will not receive credit for going to that event.

     “It is imperative that students get all of the information available to them,” said counselor Mahina Mullaney.

     “Counselors want to ensure that you leave here with the information necessary to strive after Morse High School.”

     If you do not have a ride to any of the places to get your stamp, make sure to sign up at the counselors’ office to save a seat on the bus because spots are limited.

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