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Tigers Not Tamed

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     Taming the Morse High Tigers? More like taming the University City Centurions.

     Being the strong and mighty Tigers they are, they won against the University City Centurions at their own homecoming game.

     Morse High School’s football team is known to be one of the best in their league. University City High School (UC) is another team in the same league as Morse, which makes them both opponents. Being aware that they will eventually play against each other, it rallied up players from both schools.

    Focusing on improving their past mistakes as individuals and as a whole, Morse won with the score of 52-33 against UC.

    The UC Centurions and Morse Tigers varsity football teams went head-to-head at University City High School’s homecoming game on Friday, October 19, 2018. Before the actual game, the Centurions made a shirt that said tame the tigers to showcase how they are going to beat them. Morse Tigers used their bye week as an advantage to prepare for their game against UC.

    The Morse Tigers varsity football team practiced non-stop for the past two weeks in order to improve and defeat the UC Centurions. Morse proved UC wrong by taming them instead of it being the other way around.

    Leading up to the game, there was criticism going back and forth between the Tigers and the Centurions.

    “They came out there threatening us,” said Riczon Salazar, varsity football player. “But at the end of the game, we shut them up.”

    “In the beginning they wanted to start some stuff with us,” said Alpha Sola, varsity football player. “And they posted ‘tame the Tigers’ online.”

    “The game in general was pretty violent and intense,” said Salazar.

    “It was a bad vibe,” replied Sola. “Everyone was fighting each other.”

    The t-shirts that were made for the game were meant to show that the UC Centurions could win against the Morse Tigers. The shirt had ‘Tame the Tigers’ printed on it.

    “The shirts were pretty funny to me”, Salazar recalled. “Most people were mad about it, but I saw it as a push to beat them even more now.”

    The Tiger’s level of skill and and teamwork was shown on the shirts, claiming that they have to be tamed so that the Centurions could win and make it into playoffs.

    “I don’t think we would need to make a shirt because I would let our pads do the talking,” believed Salazar.

    Based off of the results of the game, the Morse Tigers officially tamed the UC Centurions.

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