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The Third KP Core Onsite Meeting

Students listening to a powerpoint presentation by KP Core.

Students listening to a powerpoint presentation by KP Core.

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     UCSD KP Core had another onsite meeting to discuss scholarship resources on Monday, Oct. 29, 2018 in room 402 at 3 p.m.

     The KP Core mentors began the meeting with another icebreaker. The board, mentors, and students were put outside of the classroom to participate in the icebreaker game “Ninja.”

     “Playing icebreaker games with everyone helped bring us all together,” said junior Mary Joy Abuyo.

     The mentors went through a presentation about scholarships. They explained how to apply to scholarships, and distributed a couple websites that can be utilized for applications. One board member paired with one or two students help function the scholarship websites.

     “There’s scholarships for anything!” said junior Gene Andrew Arevalo. “There was Honda, Coca-Cola, and really any name brand company.

     After the scholarship presentation, the students were put on computers and directed to the Myersbriggs website. They were given personality tests that explained introvert and extrovert tendencies.

     “Personally, I think the most interesting activity was the Myerbriggs test because I got to know more about myself and others.” said Arevalo.

     The last activity was a mini SAT and ACT preparation. The students were also given online resources concerning free SAT prep.

     There was an announcement regarding the KP Core internship stating that the deadline for applications has been extended to the next week. Advertising their Instagram page, UCSD_kpcore, the mentors informed the students that there will be following updates and information on their page.

     “I’m definitely going to the next one.” said junior Jennica Buclatin.

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