Morse Students Get Accepted into a Free College Tour

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Morse Students Get Accepted into a Free College Tour

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     Morse students applied to and were accepted into SPACES-SIAPS SoCal College Tour in which seven colleges will be toured within a course of three days.

     The SPACES-SIAPS SoCal College Tour will visit UC San Diego, CSU Fullerton, CSU Los Angeles, University of Southern California (CSU), UC Los Angeles, CSU Long Beach and UC Irvine between Nov. 16-18.

     SPACES is a program at UCSD and stands for Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Services. SIAPS, on the other hand, stands for Student Initiated Access Programs and Services.

     There were a total of 200 applicants and only 84 spots to be filled. Applicants ranged from all over the San Diego area and with that, a number of Morse students were accepted. These students ranged from sophomores to seniors such as junior Mary Joy Abuyo and senior Troy David Granger.

     “The application process was hard since you really had to think about your answers. They had to be thoughtful and not half-answered,” said Abuyo.

     Applications were due on Thursday, Oct. 04, 11:59 p.m. and the notifications of statues were given on Monday, Oct. 22. The college tour is also just before the application deadline for colleges.

     “I am super excited because I can expand my options for applications due in November,” said Granger.

      Through this experience, students from minority families will have the opportunity to tour several colleges throughout southern California without having to pay. Not only will colleges be toured, but students also get to learn about the different colleges.

     “I hope to gain more knowledge about more colleges around southern California so that I know what colleges to apply for,” said Abuyo. “I will also get to know what the different campuses will be like.”

     Transportation, food, and housing will be provided by SPACES-SIAPS. However, transportation to UCSD will not be provided.

     Students will meet at the UCSD campus no later than 10 a.m. Nov.16 and will return to campus 6 p.m. Nov. 18.