Dare to Dream

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     Students were given the opportunity to receive a senior stamp if they attended an annual event called Dare to Dream which was held at the University of California San Diego from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m on Nov. 3.

    There is a Dare to Dream held for every culture and this specific one was focused on the African American experience.

    “The goal for this annual event is to promote a college growing culture and to attract students by showing support and even providing workshops relevant for each culture,” stated counselor Warren Wegener.

    It is a workshop day for grades nine through 12 where students will get information on funding for the future, understanding the University of California application process, and applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid application.

    Additional information is given focused on helping students to better prepare for their futures.

    “I really enjoyed the presenters,” stated senior Candelaria Martinez. “They were helpful in answering all of our questions and they also offered a helpful sheet on scholarships focused for study abroad which I have been interested in.”