Swinging Their Way to CIF

Michael Lumaban, Staff Writer

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     Girls golf made it to CIF, and this has never happened beFORE!

     California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) is the governing body for high school sports in California.

     The Lady Tigers made Morse history by reaching CIF for the first time being 6-6 in league and 6-10 overall. However, they lost CIF in the first round against Mission Vista 317-247 in an away match on Oct. 23, 2018.

     “It was a great experience for creating history, and I am so proud of my girls,” said captain Melanie Andrews.

     They practice at the National City Golf Course Monday through Friday and play the course. All of it is in order to prepare for games.

     The team only had five out of seven players playing in the match. They started off with the lead, but Mission Vista came back and won.

     “Golf is golf, and I felt like I kept doing things wrong, but I couldn’t figure it out,” said junior Mayann Dimalanta.

     Three of the players made it to the city championship as individuals. The team will be looking forward to next season and hope to make it even further. They will continue to practice to prepare for next year.

     “I was proud they made it to the playing match for the first time ever,”said Coach Rex Calvin. “We will be looking forward for next season.”