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Service Journalism: Goal Setting

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     High School can be a stressful and difficult time for many students, for the many reasons of balancing out difficult classes, being in a sport, or participating in a variety of extracurriculars. One thing that can benefit a student immensely is time management, especially in cases of having to do many activities outside of school.

     A student should always base their schedule on what they can and can not do throughout a specific amount of time. Throughout this planning, goals will be set that a student should try and maintain in order to benefit themselves in the long run.

     Set your goals prior: Setting your goals prior to what you plan to do will always result in benefits. By planning out what times you would like to work out, for example, or do homework, will not only increase how well your time management will be, but will also prepare you for life for after high school, in terms of what goals you have planned. A beneficial way to set your goals is to write them out, whether you write it out on a calendar, planner or journal. A planner specifically is a helpful way to set your goals according to how much time you have.

Check out these planners ideas that you can use to set your goals accordingly:

     Find what that interests you: When balancing out your life outside of school with school itself, you would like to at the very least try and enjoy the free time you have, in order to make your time doing school work or any other form of work less tedious and boring. Unfortunately, there are not always a variety of interesting opportunities offered to High School students that will always cater to your passion, especially due to the age limit. However, there are many small side jobs that you can start off to broaden your horizon, that are not as tiresome or time consuming. In fact, throughout this time of experiencing different areas of work, you will be able to set your goals according to what you would like to pursue in the near future.

     Time manage: Manage your time as much as you can! You have to know what you can and can not handle as a student. Try not to overwork yourself knowing that you have loads of homework, extracurriculars or chores. Plan accordingly and efficiently, especially if you know that you have a busy week ahead of you. Many students tend to have too much on their plates and unfortunately never have time for their academics or just overall time for themselves. This is what you would like to stay away from at all times. Your mental health and academics should always come first, as you are a student. Know that you have time and overall, try to not take too much weight that is more than you can handle.

Time management tips:

     Treat yourself: Take a deep breath and a break; you deserve it! Balancing school and a activities outside of school can be extremely stressful at times, and it is okay to give yourself some time to just relax. As a student, school can be overwhelming, and participating in other extracurriculars can really take a toll on your mental health and time. Calling out of work or cancelling on your friend a few times is okay! Taking a day off, especially on the weekends, will benefit you immensely if you have tended to work overtime, in terms of school and life in general..

Me time ideas:

     Overall, planning your goals, along with your interests, will always be beneficial in the long run. As a High School student, this is a great characteristic to have at such a young age. Taking on this responsibility will prepare you eventually for college and your career life after graduating. Throughout learning these new skills and adapting them to your routine, you will assist many new and positive habits, that will stick throughout years to come.

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