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Exploring Future Careers

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     Are you unsure of what you want to do for your future career? Debating whether what would fit the best for you? Have you discussed with other people about any future career? Through this process you will be discovering yourself a bit more. The careers you chose are going to be what you do for the rest of your life after school. Exploring your future choices would be sufficient for any student with no clue what to do.


Think about what you love and your interests

     To make exploring your career easier is by knowing about the things you love. Make a list a of things you love as it will separate what you like and what you love. Try thinking of the classes you find yourself interested in. Also, think about any social activities or sports you like. You would want a career you will be interested in and never get tired of. Notice the activities you do that does not feel like time is being absorbed.  Think of hobbies that you love. It could possibly turn into your future career.

Think about your Interests:

Know your experiences in life

     Throughout life you go through certain experiences, list them down and reflect what you have learned from them. How would you put this learning experience into your future career? Know what type of person you are, inside and out, from the earliest age you can remember and from there on to your age now. Think about all the experiences you have enjoyed.

Experiences in Life:

Create a self-portrait

     There are many ways to describe someone as it varies on a person’s  perspective. First, how would you describe yourself? Then ask others who know you to describe some of your qualities. Figure out what type of learning style you prefer to help decide what would be the best course or training to suit your type of learning. Be aware of your qualifications as it would make it easy for a demonstration of your knowledge and skills for any employer. Lastly, consider careers that fit your personality.


Strength and Weaknesses

     Question yourself on what you are good and what you are bad at. Through your weak and high points of life write them down to know what career could be a possible career for you to look into. Know what were the toughest times you have been through. What did you learn through those times? Writing your weak and high points of life can show yourself what you are good at and what you are not, if not it can show you what you should improve on. Determine what you are good at and what you are also bad at.

Strength and Weaknesses:

Research Careers

     Imagine yourself in different roles as you explore through different careers you believe that would fit the most with the information you collected about yourself. Figure out the type of tasks that would need to be performed. What knowledge and education would be needed in your specific career? Understand the work environment and the work activities. What are the possible skills and abilities that are necessary that you might need to gain before the career? Look at the locations of the jobs and where it is being offered.

Explore your future:

Make a Plan

     Lay it all out. Include what you need to do to get there. Get connected to other people who are in the same career path. You can foreshadow, watching a person as they work, to get a feel of the job. Think it through. This future career of yours could be your job for the rest of your life.  Take a moment once again to self-reflect. Analyze and discuss with a friend, parent, or sibling. As you get closer check back with your plan and check if anything has changed or anything new has happened. Revisit this and see if you would still like to stay in the same career path you have chose.

Career Plan:

     Overall, exploring future careers would be beneficial to students. Put the time and effort to explore so do not procrastinate. As a high school student, high school seems forever but next thing you know you are going to college. There will be a possibility you would forget to do this but give it a try. By taking the time and effort to do these things will make it beneficial for your near future.

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