Service Journalism: Your Depression Self Survival Guide

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     We can’t expect ourselves to only feel the best of life. Feeling upset or feeling blue is a natural part of life that no one can escape. When you start to feel that the things you love no longer bring you happiness and all you feel is a pit of despair, you might be experiencing a form of depression. Some of us have immediate access to professional medical treatment or to therapists but to those of us who don’t have the time, or the access, there are ways to battle depression on your own.

    Here are some ways for you to relieve that emptiness and to feel that light once again:

  •     Realize and come to terms with your depression

    First, you need to realize that those emotions you are feeling are no longer ones of happiness or content. Rid yourself of the denial and by doing that, you also stop the internal battle that could only add to how you feel. Start to become aware of your thoughts and even notice signs such as distancing yourself, over-sleeping, over-eating, or even masking your true emotions all the time. By this I mean being happy on the exterior but on the inside actually being sad or even angry. You need to come to acceptance with how you are feeling and make peace with those emotions before even thinking about finding ways to solve them. Acceptance is the first step to being able to move forward and surpass your depression. If you do not, you might not even realize there is something to fix. You should come to understand yourself and think about what it is that is causing this shift in how you feel.

  •     Find your way to cope with depression

    Not every person has the same method of coping with emotions so it is okay to try different ones until you find the one that works for you. There are many different ways to cope that range from a variety of activities. You should find healthy coping habits. These activities include exercise, primal screaming, doing something cathartic such as writing, song-writing, and creating art. Exercise is a great way to release these emotions and by doing so, you use your emotions as a driving force to keep going. Primal screaming is not as often heard of but it helps you to release feelings that drive you insane or feelings that can’t be explained through words. Writing or using art as a coping mechanism is beneficial when wanting to have a relaxed moment to breathe and reflect.

  •     Change your lifestyle

    One could fall into depression by realizing that their life is no longer what they want it to be. This could be falling into the same routine everyday especially with school. It often becomes waking up, going to school, coming home, doing homework, going to sleep, and then repeat.  What you can do is try something new and invigorating. It does not have to be anything major or costly. This could be as simple as changing your routine in the morning or trying a new activity like trying out a new club or finding an extracurricular activity. Having something new to look forward to can bring new forms of happiness into your life that previously were not there. You could even find something that you never thought you would do and end up falling in love with it.

  •     Talk to a trusted adult or seek help that the school provides

    Talking to a trusted adult when first hearing about it seems difficult and you might rather talk to a close friend. However, talking to a friend may not be the best choice for you and them. Your friend could be going through something of their own and will not be able to give you the best advice considering your situation. If you have a teacher or any staff member you trust and have a relationship with, talk to them. Talking to someone allows you to release the emotions you hold inside and it allows you to thoroughly think through what you feel. Along with that, it also aids in easing your mind by having a way to release. If you do not have that relationship with a staff member at school, you can reach out to the multiple counselors at school. You can also reach the school psychologist, or the therapists located in the Student Wellness Center.

  •     Notice the positives in life

    When we feel an overwhelming amount of sadness it is easy to only look at the negatives, the things you should have done, or even feeling that everything is your fault. It seems as if there is a giant rain cloud looming over you all the time. However, you should switch that mindset and rather than thinking negatively look at the good side of it. For example, rather than saying sorry for being late, say thank you for waiting. Another instance would be if you did not do something correctly, think that at least you tried and put in the best that you could do at the time. To every bad thing, there is also something good, so find that and focus on that. Begin to focus on the good in life and having that switch in mentality will turn that rain cloud into a rainbow.