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Cadet of the Month

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     The Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (JROTC) holds a competition in their designated room once a month, which gives their cadets an opportunity to gain a leadership position to recognize them for their hard work and dedication.

    Cadet of the Month (COTM) is about the Command Sergeant Major (CSM) testing the first years on ROTC knowledge along with examining their marching skills to see if they are doing it correctly. Cadets chosen by a squad leader can attend the event and possibly win the opportunity.

     “We have this event because we want to be able to shine a spotlight on cadets who has the capabilities of a great leader,¨ said captain Tert Gyver Soriano.

     Company Leadership picks the cadet they feel is best to represent their company. They turn in slips to the CSM with their names on it for the nominations.

    “It shows who has the best leadership skills and who is improving and being the best citizen they can be,¨ said Malicia Griffin, cadet first lieutenant.

    When the year comes to an end, there’s another test where all of the Cadets of the Month compete for Cadet of the Year. The winner of that test will be promoted to a First Sergeant  and most likely will be considered for a higher position the following year.

     “Basically, it’s a way of recognizing cadets that have been dedicating their time into the program,” said master sergeant Jennica Buclatin. “It motivates other cadets, as well as acknowledging those who have been doing a phenomenal job.”

     The cadets also get graded based of off their appearance and how well they answer the questions that are being asked. The cadet who receives the highest score out of both portions wins the competition.

     “It’s kind of like seeing who the outstanding cadet is,¨ said Yesenia Selahri, cadet and sergeant major

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