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Environmental Club Beautifies Morse Storm Drains

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    “Throw away your garbage in the trash!”

    These words have been said many times over to prevent pollution entering our waterways, yet not everyone seems to listen.

    Environmental Club has partnered with I Love a Clean San Diego to stencil pollution prevention messages above storm drains here at Morse on Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018 after school.

    “We paint over the storm drains to stop people from littering because every time someone pollutes the storm drains, it effects aquatic life,” explained Therese Pamplona, vice president of Environmental Club.

    Environmental Club hopes to bring awareness with these painted messages to remind students that when they do litter it goes first from the storm drains directly to the ocean affecting the ecosystem.

    The aquatic life that live in our local waterways consume our left over trash that float around causing them to get sick. By spreading the message of the harmful effects of pollution, the labeled storm drains can be the first step in saving the marine life that is being affected.

    “Through this project, I hope that people will try to avoid putting harmful pollution in our waterways,” stated Kayla Canare, secretary of Environmental Club.

  I Love a Clean San Diego is helping out by providing the materials, like paint and the stencils, in order to do this event.

    The event is open to all Tigers who wish to go, and it especially encourages students who are taking AP Environmental Science to participate as well.

    “One of the goals of our club is to make Morse more eco-friendly,” said Rachel Gonzalez, president of Environmental Club.

    By participating in this event, Morse will not only look more beautiful but it will also promote environmental awareness around campus and throughout the community.

    “Once they see our clean storm drains, they’ll feel inspired to pick up their own trash,” said Mae Lopez, treasurer of Environmental Club.

    “The more trash that ends up in a trash can, the less it will end up in our bay and oceans,” said Edwin Gough, Environmental Club adviser.

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