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Arduino Club Begins Work on Bubble Blower

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     In order to find ways to make programming and coding more fun, Arduino Club has begun a new project on a bubble blower following their meeting on Dec 4, 2018.

    Arduino Club officially began programming on the bubble blower on December 6 after they assigned roles to members of the club.

    The club introduces students to building programs that include things like LED lights and servo motors that can help them if they are interested in pursuing engineering.

    Each year a student is named the club’s president and this year Junior Diego Estrada was chosen for the position.

    “Being named President was really exciting,” said Estrada, “and I’m ready for the work that comes with it.”

    Arduino club has worked on mini projects in the past and they were all created by the previous members.

    “I joined because I thought the past projects turned out really cool,” said Junior Jermaine Alvarez. “It’s been fun so far and I’m enjoying my time being a part of it.”

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