Silent Sit Down

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     As part of this year’s week of consciousness, the annual silent sit down will be held during lunch in the quad on Thursday, March 21 and will be run by AP Computer Science teacher Swati Tomar.

     The sit down will run for the entire lunch period and will be open to any students who want to attend along with any posters they make.

     “I strongly believe that you don’t need words to express yourself,” said Tomar.

     The silent sit down will be one of the four events that will be held during the week of consciousness which all revolve around the same theme of no place for hate.

     Tomar is one of four teachers who volunteered to help and run one of the events, alongside One World Advisor Ellen Bergan in running the whole week.

     “This years theme of No Place for Hate should leave students more aware of hate in the world as well as show them that Morse is a safe place,” said Tomar.