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One World Walk for Peace

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One World Walk for Peace

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     To end the Week of Consciousness, One World has its first Walk for Peace on Mar. 22, 2019, where 154 students signed up to walk together around the Skyline area, asserting their need for unity in their community.

     The walk begins after the peace rally during lunch. Students will be checked off for attendance and be given a yellow wristband, so supervisors can track the participants, ultimately avoiding unexcused absences.

     Karolyn Curtis, junior and One World president, and freshman Juan Hurtado will begin by introducing the walk. Then a guest speaker from the Anti-Defamation League, a non-governmental organization that uses advocacy to fight all types of bigotry, will talk to students about their organization and the walk.

     “I think it’s going to have a huge impact on students because it’s telling them that we, as a community, aren’t going to sit around and tolerate hate speech,” Curtis expressed. “Topics like hate speech are so easily avoided at our school and educating our students about it is one step to getting rid of it.”

     One World planned this event since last year. Hurtado shared his idea with the club after hearing about the school’s truancy issue from the student walkout for ending gun violence. By working with the club and the school’s administration, he created the Walk for Peace to give all students an opportunity to be involved in the Week of Consciousness without having attendance issues.

     “We are trying to make a change and I think that means so much,” Curtis stated.

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