Week of Consciousness

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     The biology teacher,Melanie Matthew, is in charge of this years Week of Consciousness,from Mar. 18-22, 2019,  which is based around the theme no place for hate with different events each day.

     On Monday Mar. 18,2019, the protest art, being lead by the art teacher Mikulanis Beth, will be held during lunch with anyone that wishes to attend.

     “Hope to gain a thoughtful piece of artwork that deals with spreading love rather than hate,” said Mikulanis.

     The second event is the silent sit down, lead by the Ap Computer Science teacher Swati Tomar, on Mar. 19, 2019, during lunch time.

     “Silent sit down should leave students more aware of hate in the world as well as show them that Morse is a safe place,” said Tomar.

     The guest speaker, on Mar. 20, 2019,  lead by Carlie Nemecek the physics teacher, plan to present a film about Matthew Shepard, an American student that went to the University of Wyoming, to inform students about the major issue of hate speech.

     After the film about Shepard is shown, the gender sexuality alliance are going to lead a discussion about the ideas presented in the film.

     On Mar. 21,2019,The speak out, lead by the math teacher Alex Powell, pursues to enlighten students on hate speech and help improve their knowledge from listening to different stories people offer.

     “The opportunity to speak about hate speech and see different viewpoints on it and how everyone has a different story,” said Powell.

     The final event for the Week of Concussions, on Mar.22, 2019, is the teacher challenges , lead by Charlie Rice-Healy the speech language pathologist teacher, where teachers volunteer for challenges to help the fundraiser.

     By allowing more teachers and students to be involved in the Week of Consciousness, it becomes more impactful for everyone which leaders to a better result.