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Opinion: High School Does Not Dictate the Rest of Your Life

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     High school is a time when many begin to feel the pressure of what is coming after. Choosing a college, entering the military, or establishing a career – many high schoolers, especially around senior year, begin to wonder what this will look like for them. The pressure to maintain a high GPA and stay out of trouble is constant, with the underlying idea that everything you do now is the deciding factor of where you go later on. However, flunking out of high school, by any definition, is not equivalent to flunking out of life.

     Life is never based on a single stage. No one is the same as they were in elementary school, and unless change is purposefully avoided, you will not be the same as you are now. The high school experience, just like elementary school, college, and every other stage of life, is determined by the choices a person makes. Each decision builds on another, coming together to form who you are. These decisions do not end when high school ends, and they are only one piece in a vast web of choices and discovering who you are.

     No one is required to know how they will become successful in the future during their time in high school. Walt Disney was fired early in his life for having “no good ideas.” Stan Lee did not create his first comic until his late 30s. Vera Wang did not design her first dress until the age of 40.

     The biggest changes in life come differently for everyone. They may happen very early on, forcing a person to mature much more quickly than their peers. They may happen later in life, with someone taking charge and turning themselves around far after high school ends. The school system is far from a perfect indicator of what will happen to you. A high school diploma can be a stepping stone to higher education, or a place where someone decides to support themselves in other ways, such as choosing a vocational school, the military, or following a passion where additional education is not part of the picture.

     This is not to say that high school should be ignored in any sense. Refusing to work towards accomplishing this stage of life and refuting change, opting to continue a routine from years past, is one way to ensure that you will find growth.

     High school will very well influence your growth, with the friends chosen, risks taken, and decisions made all contributing to finding yourself. But it will not define it. High school will not decide your life for you. Choosing who you become and what happens with the choices ahead is for you to dictate.

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"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl

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