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Junior varsity football player flips his way to victory

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The football team was flipping out when they saw that flip into the endzone.

Jacob Hicks, freshman and junior varsity football player, surprised his teammates and coaches with a front flip into the endzone, scoring one of the many touchdowns in their victory against Hoover High School, 60-15, on Sep. 15, 2017.

“I felt great after that flip,” Hicks said. “I think it boosted the team’s confidence and kept us motivated to play hard and get the win throughout the game.”

The video of him performing the flip was caught and posted on social media, where it spread quickly and gained some popularity from his teammates and friends.

“It was crazy,” said Jonathan Dabalos, sophomore and junior varsity football player. “The way he landed on his feet made it even more unbelievable, especially since he was in full gear.”

The coaches had somewhat of an opposite reaction to Hicks’ flip. Edward Ford, head coach of the junior varsity football team, was not as impressed as others who witnessed it.

“I was mad at first,” said Ford. “But when you’re winning the game it doesn’t seem so bad. I did tell him it wasn’t cool and he can’t do it again, though.”

Despite Ford’s criticism, Hicks was definitely proud of his action in the game and the popularity it has given him for the past few weeks since the game.

“To me it’s a major accomplishment,” Hicks said. “I think of it as a milestone in my football career here and I hope to continue to be a notable player for Morse.”Hicks certainly played it cool, but he was definitely flipping out after performing that flip into the endzone for the touchdown.

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